book finder service article

book finder service article

Today’s post is about our Book Finder Service

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Finding Books That Are Out Of Print

Avid readers will tell you, you can never really know a book until you own a copy. This is why people who love to read often have extensive libraries. It’s always fun to hunt down a copy of a new edition but even more so with older editions. Either way, purchasing your own copy can be thrilling. But, what if your book is currently out of print? Being out of print means the original publisher is not currently printing any more copies of the book. This can make certain books very hard to find. So, what can you do ?  Here are a few ways to help with the search…..

Check Second Hand Stores

This is likely the hardest method since it involves physically checking the shelves of stores. But these are often the best places to find old books. Another added benefit of finding the book your looking for in a second-hand store is the price will usually be much more reasonable.

Go Directly To The Publisher

Being out of print just means no new copies are being made by the same publisher. This often happens because the current print does not sell as well as expected. So publishers will be left with a number of copies on their hands that they can’t get rid of. These copies can usually be bought directly from the publisher.

Do Some Research

If there were copyright issues, or perhaps the publisher went out of business, another publisher could essentially republish the book as a new edition. This information would be easy to find with a simple online search of your title.

Find A Copy Online

Whether this is through a site like Amazon or through a resale site like eBay, sometimes you can find used copies of the book you are looking for online. Many books are found through this method and it is probably the easiest method, however, can be costly depending on postage and availability etc….

What is the easiest method to find out of print books in Australia ??

EASY !!! Use the Noosa Book Shop’s Book Finding Service. Simply submit the form with details about the book you are looking for and our book detectives will do all the work for you. We’ll source the book and quote you a price.

Sometimes you might enjoy the thrill of the hunt for your special book. There might be a specific book you want to gift to someone but don’t want to give up your own copy. Whatever the reason, don’t give up hope, we may be able to help you !! Imagine yourself with that special book in your hands !!

Book finder service, have you tried it yet ?


Give it a go, we may be able to find that rare and hard to find book your looking for book finder service

here is the link

please try our service to find that hard to find or out of print title you’re after. The service is free and we can ship your book any where in the world for you. Or send one of our gift vouchers to that someone special.

we are located in Noosa Junction just down from the cinema, so drop in after or before you watch your movie, were open 7 days and happy to help you find that book.

or try our new website for finding your title

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